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Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies


MAI Investment Management provides targeted investment solutions to financial advisors. MAI Investment Management is a division of MAI Capital Management, LLC, an SEC registered investment advisor.

MAI developed the MAI Managed Volatility Strategy, a risk-managed liquid alternative, specifically to lower portfolio volatility. The Managed Volatility Strategy invests in a diversified portfolio of companies with an options overlay of exchange listed put and call contracts. To generate option premium cash flow, it then sells call and put options averaging under 10 weeks in duration. The portfolio also has a cash component and uses no leverage.

The MAI Focused Equity Strategy strives to identify companies that can sustain high returns on invested capital. The focus of our research is the sustainability of those returns over the longer term. To reduce risk and increase long-term returns, the strategy is designed to deploy capital in these investments at discounted entry prices. The strict investment criteria of the MAI Focused Equity portfolio generally limits the number of potential investments, resulting in a concentrated portfolio of 20-30 investments
with multi-year holding periods.

The objective of the MAI Dividend Strategy is to invest in companies that produce consistent and robust dividend growth supported by growing free cash flow. The portfolio provides an above average dividend yield and is comprised of 30-40 firms, diversified across sectors and industries. The strategy focuses on generating a growing stream of dividend income while providing capital appreciation for long-term total return.

*Past Performance is not indicative of future results.

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